This is a small selection of the projects I've done over the years.

2014: Piestar.com

2013: "Piestar" system - used for Oklahoma EPSCoR, K-State Sorghum & Millet Innovation Lab, and other clients.

  • Personally wrote this entire system (back-end and front-end) from the ground-up during my work for OEIE.
  • Used Twitter Bootstrap and Laravel to create this friendly data gathering system.
  • Full Administrative and Reporting interfaces.
  • Gathers data over multiple reporting years, aggregating them into mandatory NSF reports and other custom reports.
  • Each form is generated and validated (both client and server side) from a single config file.
  • Capable of hosting any number of project evaluation websites.
  • This product was licensed from K-State to form the spinoff company Piestar, Inc.

2010: K-State Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy

  • Transformed a Photoshop mock-up into a full Drupal site.
  • Created a newsletter webform.
  • Custom horizontal drop-down menus.

2009: K-State College of Engineering Drupal websites

  • Upgraded the K-State College of Engineering and 50+ other websites into the Drupal content management system.
  • Wrote several custom Drupal modules and themes for this, including the open source Admin-only mode module.
  • Wrote many administrative scripts to manage 50+ Drupal sites, utilizing Drupal's command line tool Drush.

2003: K-State College of Engineering Intranet

  • A custom PHP/PostgreSQL inventory system. Comparable commercial systems cost $5000+. Makes heavy use of PL/PGSQL triggers and stored procedures.
  • Vast array of features including:
    • DNS/DHCP server integration
    • Automated asset hardware/software information gathering
    • Wrote (well, ported) an open-source PHP EDID reader
    • Full DB-level, fine-grained permissions system, allowing use by multiple separate departments
    • Reads from our ticketing system and integrates with our Drupal website.
    • Automated QuickBooks reporting system
    • Various internal administrative tools

2001: SurfManhattan.net - Local news site for Manhattan, KS

  • Site is no longer active due to my father's passing.
  • My first PHP/MySQL content management system, written from scratch.
  • Horrible, horrible code. I am ashamed. But it worked reliably for a decade.
  • Included a custom weather widget, which pulled weather data from NOAA and dynamically created a weather banner as an image.

1999: College of Engineering UNIX administration

  • Automated user and administrative tasks using Perl, C and shell scripts.
  • My most useful Perl script migrated thousands of users mail folders from the old "Pine" mail storage system to a modern IMAP mail system.